Introduction of CMS

The Chinese Mathematical Society (CMS) is an academic social group of Chinese mathematics workers and it is an constituent part of the China Association for Science and Technology. The purpose of CMS is to unite mathematical workers to promote the development of mathematics, boost China’s science and technology, encourage the growth and advance of science and technology talents, as well as making contribution to revitalizing the economy, promoting construction of two civilizations, and accelerating the socialist modernization of our country. The main works of the CMS including: Organizing academic exchange activities, editing and publishing mathematics journals, carrying out international academic exchanges, holding mathematics competitions, launching popularization works, organizing activities that promote the reform of mathematics education, and organizing training classes or discussion classes according to the needs of state construction and disciplinary development.

The Chinese Mathematical Society was founded in Shanghai in July 1935, the inaugural meeting was held in the library of Shanghai Jiao Tong University on July 25th, which attended by thirty-three people. The institutional framework of the Chinese Mathematical Society set board of directors, the Council and the senate when it was established. Its members including Dunfu Hu, Zuxun Feng, Meiquan Zhou, Lifu Jiang, Qinglai Xiong, Jiangong Chen, Buqing Su, Zehan Jiang, Baozong Qian, Zhongsun Fu etc. Journals published including <Journal of Chinese Mathematical Society> and popularity journals <Mathematics Journal>. In year 1952 and 1953, these two publications revised their name to <Mathematical Journal> and <Shuxue Tongbao>.

The location of the Chinese mathematics Society after its establishment was: Shanghai Ya er pei Road (now: Shanxi south Road). No. 533 Chinese Science Society. After the founding of PRC, the location of Chinese mathematical society set to Beijing Institute of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. At present, the affiliated unit of the Chinese mathematical Society is the Institute of Mathematics and systems science, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The Chinese mathematical Society held its first national congress in Beijing in August 1951, the second session was in Shanghai in February 1960, the third session was in Chengdu in November 1978, and the fourth session was in Wuhan in October 1983. Luogeng Hua served as the Chairman for the first three sessions. In the fourth session of national congress, Luogeng Hua, Buqing Su, Zehan Jiang, Daren Wu, and Zhao Ke are elected to be the Honorary Chairman. The Chairman of the next nine sessions of the Chinese mathematical Society were Wenjun Wu, Yuan Wang, Le Yang, Gongqing Zhang, Zhiming Ma, Lan Wen, Zhiming Ma, Shicheng Wang and Yaxiang Yuan respectively.

The Chinese Mathematical Society held its fifty annual conference ceremoniously in Shanghai in December 1985. Peiyuan Zhou, Guangzhao Zhou etc. attended the meeting and gave a speech. And many famous mathematician including Xingshen Chen, H. Cartan etc. were invited to attend the meeting. The seventh congress and the the 60 annual conference of the Chinese mathematical society was held in May of 1995. Guangya Zhu, Yongxiang Lu etc. attended the meeting, Xingshen Chen, Chengtong Qiu etc. were invited to attend the meeting and did the academic report. The main content of the two annual conferences were academic exchange.

At present, the academic journals published by the Chinese Mathematical Society including: <Mathematical Journal>. <Acta Mathematica Sinica> (English series), <Journal of Applied Mathematics>, <Acta Mathematical Applicatae Sinica> (English series), <Mathematical progress>, <The Practice and Understanding of Mathematics>, <Application probability statistics>, <Mathematical Bulletin>, and popularity journals <Middle School Mathematics>, <Medium Mathematics>.

There are thirty-one provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of China have established local mathematics society organizations. They carry out various activities independently, and the Chinese Mathematical Society is responsible for providing coordination services for them. The subordinate subject branches of the Chinese Mathematical Society are: Computational Mathematics Branch, Probability Statistical branch, Mathematical History branch, Uniform Design branch, Biology Mathematics Professional Committee, Combination of mathematics and graphic theory professional committee and so on. At present, the working institution of the Chinese Mathematical Society are: Organizational Working Committee, Academic Exchange Working Committee, International Exchange Working Committee, Editorial and Publishing committee, Education Working Committee, Communication Working Committee, Popularization Committee, Mathematical Olympiad Committee, Electronic Information and Exchange Committee, and the Society office.

Members of the Chinese Mathematical Society should be in science research, education, production etc. departments that engaged in mathematics or mathematics-related works, equivalent to mathematical workers that have the title above assistant researcher, lecturer, or engineer. At present, Members of the Chinese Mathematical Society are over 50,000. The Chairman of the twelfth session of the Council is Yaxiang Yuan, vice Chairman is (sorted by stroke of Chinese characters) Wanyi Wang, Yuefei Wang, Wei Wei, Xiangdong Ye, Gang Tian, Lei Fu, Min Chen, Maokang Luo, Xiaoshan Gao, Jin Cheng. The secretary general is Dayue Chen.


The communication address of the Chinese Mathematical Society:

Telephone number:010-82541197 / 010-82541448

Post code: 100190


Address: Beijing Zhongguancun East Road, No. 55,

Institute of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Loo-Keng Hua Mathematics Award

Loo-Keng Hua Mathematics Award

Mr. Loo-Keng Hua is a famous mathematician

Mr. Loo-Keng Hua is a famous Mathematician in China and loves his motherland deeply. He devoted in to the scientific career, and made an outstanding contribution to the Chinese mathematical career and talents cultivation for all his life.

Shiing - Shen Chern Mathematics Award

 Shiing - Shen Chern Mathematics Award

Professor Chen is a master of international math

Chinese American mathematician, Chinese Academy of Sciences foreign academician Professor Shiing-Shen Chern is an international math master, he made outstanding contributions to the development of mathematics.

Jia-qing Zhong Mathematics Award

Jia-qing Zhong Mathematics Award

Professor Zhong Jiaqing was

Professor Zhong Jiaqing was very concerned about the development of the cause of the motherland during his lifetime and worked hard for it. He has repeatedly said that the development of mathematics depends on the active development and selection of outstanding young mathematics talent, he earnestly hope to establish a fund in China to reward outstanding young mathematicians.

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